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if this is how happiness is, let it be always
i know my happiness cannot last.
i only hope for more content, sleepless nights, (do you know how rare those are
to come by?)
after exhausted dusks and lazy dawns
scrape across the skies like
candy floss
and your eyes
flash behind mine,
and memories float through the pool of my mind
like uncertain(ty,) spinning
water lilies;
the brush of a bird's wing on my veined wrist is aching
with youth and freedom
and this summer is so fleeting,
ethereal like my entire(ty)
being, life, soul power.
i want to be young and naive and insanely, irrationally ignited, always.
(i know it cannot last.)
:iconunfaithfulstars:unfaithfulstars 45 22
#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
    /* MACHINE_POETRY.C */    
    i am a syntactic error
    a missing semi-colon
    an unpaired bracket
    in this world structured with arrays of emotions
    i am your returning null statement
    your infinite recursive loop
    who hears you when you say
    i take up too much space
    sometimes i beg you to unplug me
    from the insecurities hard-coded within me
    & from the tuples of trouble i create
    but i inherently contain these attributes
    in a package that has long been sealed
    so reassign me please
    point me to the address of my poetry
    where i was never meant to conform
    with the standardized machine language
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 23 11
covered in thunderstorm
you made the storm
and I stood under your clouds,
polka dot umbrella in hand.
you laughed at my fear of getting wet,
mocked me for jumping at the thunder—
you didn’t know the strength of your winds
you didn’t know how tightly
I clung to the flailing umbrella.
you refused to stop the lightning,
you said it was the flash of your camera,
as if you were taking my photograph—
you wanted me to smile,
but I was covered in thunderstorm,
and you couldn’t see my face through
all that rain anyway
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 39 15
Step One: Grow.
Step Two: Turn towards sun.
Step Three: Open petals.
Step Four: Close petals.
Step Five: Wither.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 29 32
Pennies Are Worthless
Copper glints in sunlight.
A young man bends down low,
picks up the penny and
stuffs it in his bluejeans.
People don't care about
the pennies they might drop.
No one sees their value.
They don't add up to much.
People don't care about
the young and homeless man.
No one sees his value.
He don't add up to much.
They don't see the scars under his sleeves.
They don't hear the havoc in his head.
They don't feel the fear around his fate.
Even if they did, they wouldn't care.
Pennies are worthless.
:iconekostag:EkoStag 14 9
The Rules of Living
I'm sorry but
even if I loved you back,
I cannot fix you
Rule number one:
Do not make homes in
human beings because they
are living creatures who are always
changing and growing
Make your home
your own self
Rule number two:
Do not tell people that you are
suffocating and they wouldn't be able
to understand it even if they tried
because everyone is fighting their own wars
and hurting in their own ways
that you can't comprehend because
you have not walked in their own shoes,
Because most importantly of all,
you being in pain is not special
(So don't let that darkness eat you whole,
don't you dare)
Rule number three:
I cannot stress enough that those
feelings will pass with time and sure,
they will come again in a couple days maybe,
but they will go away again
and you will be able to laugh at dumb jokes
and smile when the weather is nice
and get excited over eating good food
or finding coins on the ground again
and that is enough
There are many questions unanswered
and many things that se
:iconwindfragments:WindFragments 11 10
Stolen Wings by yuumei Stolen Wings :iconyuumei:yuumei 12,398 311
xxxii. Hugging damaged cassette tapes
Hug me because I'm sick of distant stars, of moonlit faces and supernova heartaches
I've been choking on my own arrogance because
too many planets have been shoved inside me
like they're waiting for my stomach to burst
I know not of heavenly bodies and unconditional love
so talk me down with familiar places
Like a home that's a deed of sale killing you with a thousand paper cuts.
Like this town that's a prison with no bars where only everyone can judge you.
Like my room that's a locked door with a
mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who's the saddest of them all
now the mirror, mirror is on the floor asking you why you let it fall
Tell these places that I love them.
That I'm packing up my wet sleeves and razor blades and I might never come back
That I'm sorry I cannot abandon the places where this smile reaches these eyes.
That a little girl grew up in them but she's way too old for the plastic stars taped upon her ceiling.
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 16 6
listen to me when i don't talk
hear the movements of my orchestra
join me in my symphony of silence
capture me and memorize my muted rage
and when you've learned
my unspoken vocabulary
be my maestro
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 19 7
i'm a picture painted in gray
a kaleidoscope of colors in a b/w filter
my smile feels like stretched skin
that's about to tear my face in two
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 8 14
agony pins my hips down
sniffs my wrists
smells heartache and leans in for a kiss
:iconvomitingviolets:vomitingviolets 10 8
Watery Graveyard
Lost at sea with a siren's call
The waves never looked so calm
I watch the men take the plunge
Down, down, to their watery downfalls
All hell breaks loose, time stops
One by one they are all picked off
At my post I stay immobile
One by one I watch them drop
Beautiful daughters of river gods
Two faced, dangerous
By day my muse, by night my demon
I am stacked against all odds
I've never heard something so haunting
My body sways with intoxication
A melody so sad, a forgotten longing
They beckon with a familiar taunting
The water runs red with blood
I don't understand why
We collide with something
The ship lurches, I land with a thud
The water runs red with blood
My shipmates are nowhere in sight
The moon is high, the night clear
The deck begins to flood
We didn't listen to her
That old witch we meet before
The captain too proud, his crew too vile
She didn't know who we were
The wax the captain wouldn't allow
The hags draw near
Their teeth pointed and eyes soulless
Is useless to me now
I c
:iconsunflowers-and-fur:Sunflowers-And-Fur 5 7
ever get the feeling
we're deluding ourselves?
fooling themselves
into lifegiving lies
and shredding documents
nobody knows
but we're playing parts
in a drawn out play
an audience of none
and the dust explains it all
it's like we're tap dancing
on a splintered floor
feet bleeding
       but at least that's art
       just not
the kind you've been looking for
:iconblanketings:blanketings 2 0
you're always so simple
when i'm with you
that it makes the world seem simple, too.
there's no such thing as imperfection
when your hands are sitting gently
on me, silver and,
shit, so simple-
i didn't know my lungs
could stretch so far
and i never thought
i'd get addicted to breathing,
but here i am, living,
simple, free
as your hands will allow me to be.
when you're away, it's like
the piano keys don't go in order anymore;
the melodies that used to make sense
are jumbled and flat
and so am i.
everything is complicated without your hands,
your easy countenance
and uneven beat, comfort
incarnate, please-
will you stay (and sing with me)
when everyone else has gone (quiet)?
:iconblanketings:blanketings 6 5
i watch you tread gently
on the edges of yourself,
remaining in the penumbra
between all and nothing -
a sub-atomic mystery
unable to be solved.
yesterday, you couldn't decide whether
to fuse or fold back together
and instead curled inward
underneath your own spine like
a rose crushed in a fist,
only the fist forgot to show up and
roses don't grow in hospitals.
some days, love, you are almost
radioactive enough
to be a half-life. i think this
is the saddest thing of all
because on those days i find myself believing
you might just make it.
:iconxswan-songx:XSwan-SongX 47 15
Ink-filled Veins
Maps are alive
with red and blue lines
flowing across the crumpled pages
in every direction
Ink pulses in their veins
just like ours
:iconwindfragments:WindFragments 12 4

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